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➢ Do you want more clients, but feel
    uncomfortable “selling yourself”?

➢ Are you unsure about what makes
    you stand out from the crowd?

➢ Are you confused about how to
    market yourself effectively?  

I help freelancers and creative entrepreneurs define what makes them unique, create a clear marketing message and strategy, and get more ideal clients.


Meet Justine Clay, Founder

My name is Justine Clay and I help creative professionals build a fulfilling and successful career or business. Through a series of clear, actionable steps I will help you define what makes you unique, create a clear marketing message and market yourself authentically, consistently and effectively to your ideal clients. 

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“Justine is an amazingly valuable resource to the creative community. I highly recommend Justine and Pitch Perfect to anyone who is at a crossroads and figuring out the next chapter of their career. In clear, actionable steps, she will help guide you to uncover what it is that you truly want in your career, and how to achieve it.”

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