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“Working with Justine has allowed me to make monumental changes in my business that I have been wanting to make and never felt I had the time or strategies to make happen on my own.  She totally "got" me and geared my sessions towards the particular struggles I needed to address (short-term and long-term).  She helped me in so many ways, from soul searching what I really want out of my business to figuring out how to deal with day-to-day business issues that came up. I am now working with the type of clients I want to work with and have improved my time management to be more productive and less overwhelmed.  I am moving my business in a direction I feel so excited about and know I would not have been able to make these transitions without Justine.”

Jodi Kostelnik, Hello Neighbor Designs


“Every creative solopreneur needs a Justine! After working with Justine I gained clarity around my brand, the prospects I wanted to approach, and was able to present a much stronger marketing and web presence. As a photographer who recently moved from a small market to NYC, I found the prospect of re-establishing myself daunting and needed to quickly adjust my focus. Justine made the transition easy and, as a direct result of our work together, my income level has increased, I have new revenue sources in development and I am completely back on track with my marketing efforts. Aside from her stellar coaching abilities, she is an overall wonderful person and delight to work with. I can not recommend her highly enough"

Juilien McRoberts - Photographer and website visual brand consultant


“Change.  That word best describes what Justine has done for me. I started working with her when I had the merest glimmer of an idea of what I wanted to do and she helped me to clarify and build that idea into something real that has transformed me. She is smart, well-connected and energetic.  She is the magic tonic that makes things happen” 

Linda Kocur, founder of Miss Boxwood Paper Goods


“My experience working with Justine was amazing!  Having worked with other coaches who end up being "therapists" or "guidance counselors", Justine was a partner.  She got involved in the work - helping me to curate my collection, write and re-write my statements, plan the design, layout and content for my website - all in one VIP day!  I felt she was more than a coach, but rather a business partner.  My only regret is that I didn't work with her sooner!” 

Alyssa Peek, Peek Photography and Photo Art


“Justine is a brilliant 'creative whisperer'. Working with her as I switched paths and started my company, brought me clarity, confidence and most importantly, sanity. Her process is based on logical and actionable steps and her reassuring calm and fun demeanor gave me the confidence I needed. She was instrumental in helping me create a clear plan for building a successful business. And it doesn’t hurt that she has deep well of contacts to call on to help with the myriad of details in building one’s business. I have sent many grateful friends to her and four years in, she remains a valued and trusted counsel.”

 Alex Bates, Flint & Kent


“At Freelancers Union events, our members have high standards; they want clear, usable guidance, presented creatively and un-stuffily.  Justine exceeded even that high benchmark - she did an exceptional job of hosting our Freelance 360 workshop. She engaged every single person in the room, giving them a wide range of effective tools and tips to promote themselves"

Freelancers Union


“Justine is helping me turn 25 years of professional experience inside PR agencies into a fresh new brand of my own. She zeros in on the capabilities that distinguish you, then guides you as you groom them into a marketable proposition. I leave every session with her clear-headed, confident and inspired. I cannot imagine being able to make this transition without her.”

Nancy Weltchek, Weltchek Writes


“In just a one-hour session, Justine was able to quickly identify my unique abilities in the creative industry and frame them so beautifully into words. I could not see it myself for years and I therefore think I have been very lucky to meet Justine on my new career path in New York.  I recommend her to anyone who is searching for a way to stand out in the competitive creative market and for a personal brand identification.  Thank you Justine!”

Maria Savina, Interior Designer


“Working with Justine gave us the clarity, purposeful direction and confidence we needed to push our creative agency to further realms of success!  Before meeting Justine, we had difficulty finding the time and focus to move our marketing strategy forward since we were committed to our existing clients and the demands of running a brand new partnership. Now we have a dedicated marketing strategy that fits wonderfully into our packed schedule, and we have already received new clients in addition to gaining new skills and confidence.  Justine is simply the best!"

Andrea Wenglowskyj and Sara Jones of


“Justine's guidance and encouragement were invaluable in helping me clarify the unique value that I offer and increasing my confidence in marketing my services. Her distinct perspective was a major asset as I developed the core messages and content that were critical to launching an improved website. Before working with Justine, I took on any project; now I am able to focus on those that offer the greatest benefit to both me and my clients" 

Lydia Hooper, founder of Fountain Visual Communications


“Thank you for an amazing presentation. The students were engaged by your materials, inspired by your presentation, and gained both the motivation and practical next steps to move their freelance careers forward.” 

Rhonda Schaller, Former Assistant Director of Career Development at School of Visual Arts, NYC.


“WeWork values our members' individuality, entrepreneurship and proactive methods of success.  Justine lead a lunch and learn session and engaged each attendee providing insight into how to excel in their diverse industries.  Members commented that her message was clear, concise and illuminating, and they also inquired as to when she will return - I hope soon ” 

Blaine Ford, Community Director, WeWork NYC.


“Justine is an amazingly valuable resource to the creative community. She provides laser sharp insights and spot on knowledge of the creative world, and is uniquely skilled at working with creative people one-on-one to help navigate your professional journey. I highly recommend Justine and Pitch Perfect to anyone who is at a crossroads and figuring out the next chapter of their career. In clear, actionable steps, she will help guide you to uncover what it is that you truly want in your career, and how to achieve it. Justine is not only incredibly wise and perceptive, she is also a genuinely wonderful person who creates a "safe space" to discuss your life and career choices.”

Stacey Lieberman, Creative Director, SpotCo.


“After 18 years of art directing, I realized I needed to define myself and learn how to talk about my specific strengths and experiences when seeking clients and jobs.  Working with Justine gave me the clear insight I needed to effectively edit my skills and really narrow in on the things that make me, me.  It was a truly valuable experience that ultimately led me to a dream job. Thank you!!"

Amy Demas, Creative Director, White House | Black Market


“I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Justine at a point in my business where I needed to re-position myself.  As I sought to both define and refine my next professional move, she systematically helped me to assess my strenghts and opportunities.  Together we designed a strategic marketing approach for my business, which in combination with her compassionate and supportive coaching style, enabled me to move forward with a heightened sense of confidence.  I've come to consider Justine a trusted advisor, especially in my field of marketing, consulting and copywriting.  I'd recommend her highly to anyone looking for that very rare combination of professional competence and sheer compassion for helping others"

Lori Hill, Marketing consultant and copywriter


“I love to listen to Justine!  Her workshops and talks are fun, engaging and full of practical ideas.  Her advice has mande an instant impact on my career"

Evi Abeler,  food, product and interior photographer


“I've taken several networking and marketing workshops over the years, but none as helpful as Justine's.  Many presenters have a 'Just do it' cheerleader approach that left me feeling like I had a problem I had to get over instead of empowered and excited.

"Justine is intelligent, positive and grounded, and she makes you realize that you have far more resources and abilities than you thought you had. She understands that self-promotion and speaking to strangers is awkward for most of us and normalizes it.  She is a warm and clear teacher who shares great anecdotes about herself as well as helpful case studies.  By the time we left, my best friend and I walked out with actionable skills, feeling great, and started meeting once a week to support each other in building our businesses."

Ann Husaini, Film and Television editor


"Justine is a valuable resource for creative talent.  From informal conversations to full business discussions, Justine asks the right questions and delivers genuine, thoughtful advice. Her workshops are overflowing with valuable information and she thoroughly engages the audience with her wealth of knowledge and professionalism"

Kristin Leu - Creative Director


"Justine is a joy to work with. She is very good at simplifying, focusing and strategizing.  She has a sharp vision from many angles, great ideas and a wealth of knowledge and connections.  Justine's intuition has helped guide my work and process in a much better direction for me.  She is savvy, elegant, direct and generous. I highly recommend her and do do to all of my friends"

Christina Sun - Illustrator

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